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X2 by Nocturnal [web]

                      ■ Nocturnal - X2 final version (uh) ■

──────────────────── Credits

  Code          - Erlend
  Music         - Lone Wolf
  Graphics      - Mir,illmidus,Orome
  Objects       - No12

  Player        - FreddyV/Useless
  Add.Code      - Submissive/Cubic team ( Seamless plasmacloud routine )
                - Caan ( Loader used in compoversion )

──────────────────── Greets

  Hi to all people we met at bushparty four, and summer encounter.
  Also a big hello to my friends in talent.

  Thanks for coding help :

──────────────────── Contact

 If you want to contact me (erlend), mail me at - emosland@hotmail.com

 Be sure to visit Distance'97, a party held in oslo in beginning of october
 arranged by nocturnal.
 More info on this URL : http://www.neutralzone.org/distance/

.clint er best.
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