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Candystall by Pittsburgh Stallers [web] & Loonies [web]

Pittsburgh Stallers vs Loonies


a 4k intro for Assembly Summer 2007



Packman: Object generator, postprocessing, synth
The Danish Musician: Music
Blueberry: Tool, rendering
Lemmus: Modelling, design

Requirements: PS/VS 2.0, DirectX end-user runtime April 2007 or newer (d3dx9_33.dll).

We have provided the intro in two resolutions. One is the 1280x720 resolution
recommended in the Assembly compo rules. If you try to run this version on a
machine that is not able to display it (such as the machine used for the Assembly
jury showing) the intro might crash or it might appear stretched and/or off-center.
If so, run the 1024x768 version.

This is a party version. A fine-tuned version will probably appear before long.
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