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Shale by Chalice (pc/.de)

                  .sS$$$Ss.`$     .sS$$$Ss.`$$ sS$$Ss.
                  $S$   $$$ $     $SPü~ü$$$ $$ $Süü$$$
                  üS$s.   sS$sS$Ss.`!   $$$ $$ $$  $$$
                    `üS$Ss.`$ü~ü$$$ $$$$$$$ $$ $$$$SP'
                  $$$   $$$ $   $$$ $   $$$ $$ $$   ,p
                  `üS$$$Sü'.$   $$$ $   $$$ $$ øO$$$P'

                 sixty-four psychedelic kilobytes from

÷ Credits:

  William Wilson / Officium   aka Wally aka Quartz      math
  Aragorn / CONTROL UNiT                                code, gfx
  DiXan / Spinning Kids                                 music

  Extender    : Pmodew 1.33 by Tran and Daredevil
  Sound System: Useless module player by FreddyV/Useless

  Psychostimulation before the Trip:

  - Bjork
  - Porcupine Tree
  - No compromize (compilation by Chocolate/Delerium)
  - Phillip Boa and the Vodooclub
  - Steve Hackett
  - David Bowie
  - Smoke City

÷ Notes:

  Run Shale from pure DOS (see Alt+F4) to see it properly.
  Dont blame us if the code is not optimized at all (in fact
most effects could theoretically run smoothly on a 486/66)
but we were (as always) too near the competition deadline.
  Now you probably need atleast a Pentium 100.

  If autodetection fails run with  any parameter for manual sound setup,
                 SHALE -c
  Please use oversampling modes, coz the samples really suck in normal 
mode (hey! It's a cheap song...)
  The intro won't work under Windoze (at least on  my  PC  it  doesn't),
say thanks to the sound system.  We had to choose between size and 'Doze
  Party version was 53581 bytes  long  and  hadn't any problem, but only
GUS was supported (and badly).

  Thanks to everybody who helped (and voted :) us at the party and to
Feymour / Tequila who shoulda have partecipated to this intro.

  See you at Mekka 98!

÷ Greets:

  Aragorn greets these ppl:

  DiXan wishes to greet da following fellas:
    Everybody Aragorn greeted.CBR records.Tbt guyz.Spinning Kids.Tsc+Melan 
    +Mrz+Reptile from Astroidea.Ksl+AP from TSS.Pupu from Urinate.Mat from
    Ozone!.Muzz from Enenz.Submissive+Doj from Cubic Team.TrSi.Nabo.TpoLm.
    Superkeyby from Ritual.Kata Vinyl from ASM web crew.Neural Activities.
    Deathstar.Elven 11 and all Amiga scene. 

  Quartz greets all guys above and those in greets.qrz

÷ Contact:

          Wally   : wally@italymail.com
          Aragorn : aragorn.cu@usa.net
          DiXan   : dixan@freenet.hut.fi

÷ Disclaimer:

  This production is (c) 1998 by Chalice; you're not allowed to use it
in any public commercial occasion without written permission. Special
versions can be arranged for discos, clubs, rock bands, private parties
and computer vendors.
  If  you  damage something by using this, it's your fault and not ours,
we aren't responsible in any case.
  To put this on a CD-Rom or other collections, you need again written
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