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achromatopsia by mfx [web]

mfx - achromatopsia

released at simulaatio4 demoparty held in Varkaus, Finland on 19th to 21st
of May, 2006.

credits for this demo:

code: pommak, uncle-x
graphics, models & textures: uncle-x, pommak
soundtrack: 1in10

other credits:

engine: rainmaker, 216 & others

technical info:

probably the best resolution for this demo is 1024x768, or something
like that. though i disagree. i like 640x480. bigger pixels and all that.

This demo has been tested on a mobility radeon 9600 and a quadro FX 2500.
seemed to run nicely on both, tho some parts are sluggish on the 9600.

This demo was made quickly. luckily its very short. the soundtrack is




To everybody at Simulaatio4, and the organizers. Thanks for the sofa guys!

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