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Amethyst by Traction [web] & deMarche

 - Traction and deMarche::Amethyst - the prequel
 - Credits

   Preacher - code, design and textures (images I stole from NASA :))
   Vulture  - Engine code
   Zeebr and Leopart of deMarche - Music
   Kofeiini - Graphics (I just took some unreleased random images without his consent, sorry :))
   Kelsey of Ümlaüt Design - Crystals
 - Requirements
   Computer, Windows, OpenGL, all that. And this time also ps 2.0 (yes, I went for shaders.. and
   after trying them out, I can safely say one thing: I am not going back).
   And sorry for the lack of anaglyphic mode. It did have one, faked, but because the demo relies on
   color so much, and because it looked absolutely fucking horrible and too dark, I took it out. I know
   this will disappoint people, sorry. Next year I'll design something specifically for anaglyphic. 
 - Greetings
   To all our friends and idols, both carbon and silicon based, around the world, including but not limited to:
   allien senses, ananasmurska, asd, bitl, boozoholics, brain control, brainstorm, candela, collapse, coolphat, 
   conspiracy, crolyx, cubicle, digital devotion, division, eldorado, excess, exhouse, faktory, f0x, gluterol, 
   hedelmae, jumalauta, kosmoplovci, lame apartment of graphics, lobstarrs, matt current, mayhem, mfx, neuro.concept, 
   numedia cyclops, outbreak, outracks, promille dezign, plastic, rgba, sands, static, storm studios, stravaganza, 
   synesthetics, systemK, transgenic, ümlaüt design, vinnny, vovoid, xplsv and youth uprising.
 - Contact
   Preacher - syksyisin@gmail.com
   kofeiini - erkka.pynnonen@gmail.com
   Zeebr    - zeebr@demarche.ru
   Kelsey   - kelsey.requiem@gmail.com
 - Afterword
   "it looks like an mfx ripoff and it lacks the mfx coolness in every aspect ;)"
     - Anonymous
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