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iconism by D-Lab42 [web]


(c) 2004 by Hauke 'BassPlace' Menges of d-lab42


Released at Breakpoint '04 for the PC 64k compo.

OpenGL is required, the rest is up to you. I think at least one ghz of
processing power would make sense. Oh, and a working soundcard plus
a monitor might be interesting, too.

Well, this is my very first intro - and also my first try in graphics-coding.
I hope you can enjoy it anyway ;). Maybe others will follow...

I always thought that party-coding is some kind of bad habbit. Now I assume
that it might be a necessity... it's late now, and I'm quite happy that I could
finish my work in time :).

Greets and thanks go out to the following people:
alexa, ript., problematic, ace'r'us, conny, cosmo, sh0ck, pest, eric24, da fish

Disclaimer: this intro is freeware, I'm not responsible for anything that might
happen when you use it. However, nothing bad happened during all my tests.

Enjoy all the icons, cheers,

11/04/2004, Bingen, Germany
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