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rooster by 4dudes live at sundown2005, the first UK demoscene party in over 5 years!!!
thanks to everybody who organised this event, espectially rc55 and dotwaffle.
this production is very rushed..sorry for the low quality, perhaps a final version will 
be released which is a bit more polished.

hack hack hack slash CRASH MASH :D

thanks to jupiter909 for letting us slice his song up and generally abuse it
thanks to c0de for HIS CRAZY EFFORT! broken laptops, thrown-away windowsXP
cd's, installing on trains..notthing is too crazy!

yay 4 sundown!

love to the scene

code: rawhed, c0de
impromptu gfx: TRX
music: jupiter909

live at Budleigh Salteron (or something), Saturday 10 Sept 2005, 19:46

this demo needs pixel shader 2.0
sorry about this...i was experimenting with some ideas ;) (-rawhed)
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