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Space battle by triumph [web]

Short:    Triumph's winner anim at TG 1994(MPEG)
Uploader: falcho@horten.geco-prakla.slb.com
Author:   falcho@horten.geco-prakla.slb.com
Type:     gfx/anim


Triumph Software got the 1st price in the animation competition at
the Gatehering 1994, but we have not released the animation 
for several reasons.

I have made an Xing Mpeg animation of the orginal animation, so more
people can see it.

Facts about the animation:
The orginal animation is made by Morten Johnsen (Triumph Software), all 
objects and ideas are made by him. He got help from the rest of the group
with rendering and critics. You can also see the spaceships in our demo
Dreamscape !.

The animation is rendered in Lightwave 2.5, and it took about 7 minutes
to render 1 frame on the Amiga 3000 with ECS! 
It is a total of 725 frames in the animation.

The orginal frames size is 320*240*24, but Xing Mpeg only has 160*120.

The Xing MPEG animation is made by ImageFX 2.6, from the orginal frames.

I will make an new version of this animation as soon as CyberVision 64/3D, 
with Mpeg module is released. The reason is that the resolution can be
4 times better.

How to play the Mpeg Animation ?:
You can use the Mpeg player on the Aminet or you can use the supplied
XingPlay program:

XingPlay SpaceBattle.mpeg

More Information:
For more information about Triumph Software try our web site:


That's all.

Mpeg and docs by:

Øyvind Falch
Triumph Software

Amiga is still a great computer!

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