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A Little Shady by Loonies [web]

                              A Little Shady

                                by Loonies

                         Released at Assembly 2004


Main Code: Psycho
Music and Music Code: Booster
Add. Design: Farfar

Radeon 9500+ or Geforce FX5200++ and graphics drivers supporting the OpenGL Shading 
Language (GLSL) required.
By now it is only working with ATI's drivers (tested with Catalyst 4.7 and 4.8beta) while
the NVidia drivers still seem too buggy regarding GLSL to work. It will run, but as some of 
the shaders cannot compile (internal compiler error) most parts will have lots of stuff missing.

The intro was originally planned for breakpoint but failed to enter the compo because of a last minute 
catalyst driver update, so it became this improved version for Assembly instead. Assembly has 
the same problematic driver version rules (latest version when the party *takes place* instead 
of latest version a week before) and the same bad timing considering ATI's release dates ;) 
(catalyst 4.8 is expected just around the time of Assembly).

It seems there are some problems with midi sound hw latency on some hardware, especially 
laptops, which can be quite annoying considering the amount of instrument timing.

Optimized with the 20to4 beta and packed by manual cab dropping meaning that the .bat versions 
are only working on (the right versions of) WinXP. The .bat versions will write to %temp%.

ALittleShady_compo.bat - version following the compo rules, ie. no credits and 640x480
ALittleShady.bat - normal 4k version - 800x600
ALittleShady.exe - compatibility version without (some of) the dirty tricks

Additional info

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