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Demopaja by Moppi Productions


        M O P P I | D E M O P A J A

This is the latest version of Moppi Demopaja.


- Folders for organizing imported files
- Multiple scenes
- Scene to Image rendering
- Quick parameter editing in timeline
- animated file parameters
- new color picker
- a couple of new effects included

- a couple of bug fixes (i.e. Vector3 type-in was broken)
- new design on icons and about dialogs etc.
- new SDK

- new driver system (which will eventually allow you to write Direct X plugins too)
- new color picker
- markers
- layout view rulers
- music waveform view
- small visual changes to the UI
- some new effects
- lotsa bug fixes

- box select in the Layout view
- keyframes can be moved in the Layout view
- the update if the Timeline has been optimized
- "edit focus" is shown in the Timeline window
  to aid pasting the keyframes
- Time segment keyframes can be also copied/pasted
- "Goto next key" button added
- previous import type is remembered on import

- Copy/paste is fully working now
- Time segment type-in
- Transform and Align dialogs
- Tools (Arrow, Rotate, Scale, Parameter Arrow, Hand, Zoom)
- User's manual
- Simple ASCII script export
- Small visual changes to the Timeline window
- Two new test effects (Plasma, Flare 3D)
- Many, many bug fixes and tiny little changes...

Demopaja uses:
- Intel JPEG library v1.1 <http://www.intel.com>
- FMOD 3.3 <http://www.fmod.org>
- MiniLZO by Markus Franz Xaver Johannes Oberhumer <http://wildsau.idv.uni-linz.ac.at/mfx/lzo.html>
- ZLib 1.13 <http://www.cdrom.com/pub/infozip/zlib/>
- FlatPopupMenu by Andy Brown <andy@mirage.dabsol.co.uk>
- Sizing Control Bar by Cristi Posea <http://www.datamekanix.com>


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