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demotron++ by Creative Minds [web]



an Amigademo for the Breakpoint 2004 by Creative Minds


You are keeping out forth release in your hands, and we still
trust in code.
This is the party version, expect a expanded final version
in the near future. It will also contain a soundcard setup (AHI).

System Requirements:
Amiga - PPC - CGFX - WarpOS - enough Mem - AHI

A DivX encoded version of this Demo should be available
later, check our website to stay informed about this and
other productions: http://www.isengard.de

Choose Life.
Choose Scene.

The credits:
Coding       :: Spirit      :: saruman@isengard.de
Coding       :: Gopher      :: gopher@hazard-designs.de
Modeling     :: iNFiNiTY    :: inf@gmx.de
Sounding     :: Alpha One   ::
Design       :: tentacle    :: PsyTrackz@gmx.de

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