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bjoer / bjoer7000 by The Planet Of Leather Moomins [web]

any similarities to all existing orange the party-intros are fully


our first real blue space intro.

raven code
feather graphics
croaker music, water devices
mellow-d electricity, the name and a roof
mikko uramo support and poetry

thanks to aap, unreal, phoenix, wog, thor, dreamer and axl for comments.
and moony too!

we'll get back to the funk now.

feather@clinet.fi, ravenka@sci.fi

<coopTPOLM> tai siis, olihan se ihan hieno mutta vittu onko deesbab 1:1


i mean, come on .. if you watch deesbab after this, they won't look
at all like each other. it's your mind fooling you.

deesbab is goddamn grids and sprites, this is blue splines.

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