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My Love by JapoTek

M   M Y   Y  L     OOOOO V   V EEEEE
MM MM  Y Y   L     O   O V   V E
M M M   Y    L     O   O  V V  EEE
M   M   Y    L     O   O   V   E
M   M   Y    LLLLL OOOOO   V   EEEEE CuTnPaste :)

Our contribution to Assembly'97,

a strange, bugged, and not careful demo-animation.

It was created in 2 weeks (code included) spleeping only 4/5 hours each day.

Only 'freezed the' and hot italian "spaghetti".......

.....we are so tired and fool to decide to release this stuff.

The characters:

	The man:	You....
	The woman:	One of your EX-girls...

			................that's love!
											JapoTek Crew
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