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Beyond by Conspiracy [web]

                       C  O  N  S  P  I  R  A  C  Y

                            a 64k demonstration
                              at st(ART)2004
                             B  E  Y  O  N  D

The authors:
  BOYC     - tool code, mesh generation, engine code
  GARGAJ   - texture generator, synth, additional code and sync
  INNOCENT - additional music, mastering
  VINCENZO - main music composition
  ZOOM     - concept, design, modelling, textures, direction
Special thanks to:
  Nytrik/Cocoon for representing us a the partyplace (YOU ROX!)
  The UPX team for the exe-packer
  Remage/Fresh!mindworkz for sound code support
  Reptile/Astroidea for visual code support
  Witeshade for the denormal-documentation
  Stefan/DXM for being always nice to us :)

  Special moral support thanks to:
    Erzo, Buzzie, Qdor, OnTheRun, Leon, Trigger, Sir Garbagetruck

  So here it is, the first intro made with our second generation tools.
  This was a HUGE rush, as BoyC and Gargaj were busy with their exams,
  and I (ZooM) got the useable tools a week before the party, so about
  80% of the graphic content was made in rough 48 hours. (The minimal 
  introengine itself was done in 2 nights before the party - BoyC) You 
  can expect a final definitely.
  Extra special thanks go to two great artists, Greg Martin
  (www.artofgregmartin.com) and Gary Tonge (www.visionafar.com), and
  to the makers of the movie 'Contact'. Their works gave me much
  inspiration during the creative process.

Known problems:
  Could be very slow and jittery on some configurations.
  A beefy (>1500MHz) processor and videocard (~GeForce4) is
  recommended, with a big load of ram (>256MB). We will fix that
  in the final version. Sorry, the deadline is too near for us to
  be able to get it done properly in time :(
Greetingz fly to:
  Starlight, Epilepsy, Digital Devotion, TGD, Fairlight, Farbrausch,
  Singular Crew, Fresh!mindworkz, AstroideA, AND, Kolor, Madwizards, 
  Cocoon, Holograms, Unique, Progress, Threestate, The Black Lotus,
  United Force, Disaster Area, 64ever, Kewlers, Haujobb, DXM

  And of course we too love MFX :)

http://conspiracy.intro.hu                          Conspiracy (c) 2004
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