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CELLshading by Instant Ejakulation [web]

             dTb                       ^
             Y8T                      jTb                       sUm               
                      ,ovjlvo,      fYP Yfl        mUUUm        ldP
             oHb    o%mXTZOUbewq   jff   qf$ odl  fHVCVB$f      jOL
             ghj   ydjREW#M8FBGYb            sXf fSd^"'WMKl     IHf
            j$f   djT"       >ffd            Yhsfd'     SDS     t$f
            h&i  jXT<        dGHf             fHP       LYT     lUf
            ghf  GSPSbasvcvsddflY             bfJ       @H&    dXP
           j@T   IDSiPtdXMEHGUb^              ldP       jYP    TvY
           ddt   zfdx                        dFf       xHl
           fRl    qXYOn.    .sfGP            sHj      jGFK     dOb
           "h^     TKMKhfTdfddfd            dsd'      vYP      YXP

              Instant Ejakulation - mutsis ei mee frameen (tm)
                     Strikes you down with: CELLshading

A Windows OpenGL intro for the demo compo at Stream 2003, 27-29.06.2003 at
Pirkkala/Finland. Like all our prods this is just a joke, so people with no
sense of (stupid) humour should keep their hands off the download button. :p

We got the idea while watching Tilt.tv (yeah!) some months ago and noticing
that 75% of upcoming console games seemed to overuse this ancient effect. So
naturally we had to do it as well..

System requirements unknown. Lots of gfx memory needed. This is the party
version. we don't know if there will be a final, but feel free to let us know
of any problems. Bass.dll used for audio, of course.


Full Credits:
Deee    code, original idea, dizajn
Reko    gfx, 3d, art direction, dizajn
Break   music, main dizajn, additional 3d, project disorganization
Jope    *trr-kss* idea
Reed    *trr-kss* sample support (thanks!)


Accession - Byterapers - CNCD - Damones - DCS - Dekadence - Doomsday - Extend
Fairlight (RIP) - Finnish Gold - Komplex - Kooma - Matt Current - MFX
Moonhazard - Phn.

Lamers, especially those who didn't vote for us :)


Don't contact us at:
#suomiscene @ ircnet


Break - Deee - Duck - Jeppe - Jope - Keiichi - Multiplex - Omegas - Reko


iE^n manifesto 2003:
1. Flyby demos suck.
2. The word "oldskool" REALLY fucking sucks.
3. Mutsis is an effect.
4. *trr-kss*
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