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edits for this prod:

date glöperator action more info
2018-04-30 10:48:42 havoc havoc prod_change_downloadlink current: https://files.scene.org/view/demos/groups/sonik...
old: http://www.aminet.net/pub/aminet/demo/aga/s-pur...
new: https://files.scene.org/get/demos/groups/sonik-...
reason: Again use Aminet or not? Anyway
2014-04-24 23:17:41 Tomoya Tomoya prod_add_link youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-sIBCHNIfA
2014-01-09 22:32:33 Tomoya Tomoya prod_add_credit murk murk - graphics
2011-02-23 20:29:15 reed reed prod_edit  
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