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Closed Society

Affiliations Roy/SAC and his BBS Closed Society (in chronological order)
Pouet ID Roy: http://www.pouet.net/user.php?who=25511
Pouet ID CS: http://www.pouet.net/bbses.php?which=664

Group                           Type                             My Status             BBS Status 
Cardinals                       PC Game Trainers/Cheats          Co-Founder/Leader  - 
SAC - Superior Art Creations    Art                              Founder/Leader     World Headquarter 
TRSI/Faith                      PC Games (English/German)        Member             Member Board 
Genesis                         PC Games (English)               Member             Member Board 
TOaO - The One and Only         PC Apps & Tools (English/German) Member/Leader      German, later WHQ
LSD - Light Speed Distribution  Trading/Courier Group              -                German Headquarter 
Peanuts                         PPE's for PCBoard                Co-Founder/Member  Member Board 
Dytec PC                        PC Games (German)                Co-Founder/Leader  World Headquarter 
Backlash                        PC Games (German)                 -                 Headquarter 
Dynasty                         PC Games (German)                Co-Founder/Leader  Headquarter 
LKCC - Last KC Computer Club    Tools/Fun                         -                 Headquarter, later WHQ 
Razor 1911                      PC Games (English)              Member              Member Board 
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